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Is this real life or is it fantasy ?

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PSD pack #3! This one is Colin and his various other roles. I picked scenes that I thought people liked to gif the most or were difficult to color. Like those scenes from Parked that are just blueblueblue and you want them to be a little less…blue.

- includes 15 psds (2 The Tempest, 4 Parked, 4 Jethro, and 5 Jimmy (ღ˘⌣˘ღ))
- adjust layers if needed, just don’t claim them as your own please
- a like/reblog would be nice and appreciated :’)
♠ download (mediafire) PSD pack #3 (Colin Morgan)
- i hope this is helpful! ♥

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Cathal is a multifaceted character – an estranged and lost child, a reflective soul, a self-destructive drug addict and a loyal friend. He is very central to the story, even given his little association with Jules – and Colin Morgan played this delicate fragile character of many aspects with much sensitivity and charm. Without a doubt, the final act of his performance was heart-wrenching, moving and stirred so much empathy for Cathal that it almost became unforgettable.

I think the almost is too much. Cathal changed my world.

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